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Wear Plates
Plasma & Water Jet Cutting
Plasma Cutting

Got’em Group profile cutting division helps bring your ideas to life with their CNC Plasma Cutter.  For rapid cutting of parts in all types of metals up to 16mm in thickness, the CNC Plasma Cutter is the cost effective way to produce shapes, lugs, sheet metal patterns and flanges, with the only limitation being your imagination.

Benefits:       No distortion
                       Neat-shape cutting with minimal finishing required
                       Accurate, high quality parts
                       Reduced tooling costs
                       Easy setup
                       Cost effective cutting solution

Your drawing or ours? If you don’t have a drawing for your parts, Got’em Pumps & Valves offer a design and drawing service to produce the parts you desire in 3D using Auto Cad.
For more information or to request a quote please contact us.

Water Jet Cutting

Got’em Group profile cutting division  helps bring your ideas to life with their CNC abrasive water jet cutter . From cutting  intricate detailed parts in all types of metals, rubber, stone, ceramics, granite, titanium, glass, acrylic and wood up  to 100mm in  thickness, the  waterjet has proven itself unique.  Whatever the shape, dimensions, or material, we  bring valuable versatility to your  business. The abrasive waterjet cuts materials that other processes like Laser,  Plasma and Oxy cannot.  This is because the waterjet  process does not heat  your part, therefore, there is no thermal  distortion or hardening of materials.

Benefits:       No heat affected zones.

                      Neat-shape cutting with no hand finishing.

                      Material stacking – cutting multiple parts in a single pass.

                      Accurate, high quality parts.

                      Diverse material cutting.

                      Reduced tooling costs.


Your drawing or ours?  If you don’t have  a drawing for  your parts, Got’em Pumps & Valves offer a
design and drawing service to produce the parts you desire in 3D using Solid Works.
For more information or to request a quote please contact us.


Refurbishment rather than replacement of Pumps & Valves is increasingly viewed as a means of reducing capital expenditure, adding that refurbishment can offer a number of advantages including reduced lead times for large engineered Pumps or Valves.  In other instances, the custom-fit nature of certain Pumps or Valves makes it preferable to refurbish rather than replace. Cost is also a factor, but these benefits are meaningless unless the valve is restored to OEM specifications and conditions to ensure reliable service in the long run.  Got’em Pumps & Valves Workshop team are well trained and are knowledgeable all facets of refurbishment work including:



     Bogey Wheels

     Tail Pulley's

     Water Canon's

     Truck and Ute Trays

Fabrication & Construction

Got'em Group is a specialist welding, general steel, aluminum and stainless fabrication company With a very well equipped  workshop, the Got'em team is able to cut, bend, join and assemble items out of general steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Structural steel fabrication:

    Heavy (Components of more than 10 tonnes each)

    Silos and tanks

    Miscellaneous platework

    Mine shaft steelwork

    Mine shaft conveyances

    Tubular structures


    Stainless steel fabrication


The Got'em workshop is equipped with the following metal fabrication equipment:

     End milling machines

     CO2 welders

      Arc welders

      Drilling machines


      Mobile Crane (10Ton)

The Got'em team is skilled in metal fabrication, hydraulics and mechanics and includes the following people:

      Supervisors/foremen Apprentices    

Projects completed include:

      Specialised welding truck and trailer repairs

      Fabrication of:

           Bull Bars 

           Wear Plates

           Steel frames

Drafting & Design

From initial concept to final design Got’em Group offers a dedicated and proactive approach to your drafting and Design needs.

Whether you require a simple part to be CNC cut or a whole turnkey project to be designed and detailed, then Got’em pumps can assist you.  Our knowledgeable design staff draw from their expertise and practical skills, gained from working in the field with the products and parts that make up our industrial world.

Drawing and designing with Auto Cad, in a 3D environment, helps you to see the

full scale and potential of your ideas and parts, utilising FEA, collision detection

and having the ability to create virtual walk throughs.